What To Expect

Preparing For Your First Appointment:

We will be taking photos of your posture for both in-person and Skype/Facetime visits. It is important to dress accordingly – the better we can see your posture, the better we can evaluate it and create your personalized menu.


  • Comfortable, form-fitting, workout-type clothing (ie avoid really baggy clothing and clothing you would not want to exercise in)
  • Shorts or pants that you can roll up above your kneecaps
  • A short sleeve shirt or tank top that you can tuck in (or take off for men if you’re comfortable)
  • Please do not wear the same color on the top and on the bottom.
  • Wear or bring tennis shoes with you.

You will also need to fill out the client Initial Intake Form before your first appointment.

Your Appointment Itself:

Your first appointment will take ~1-1.5 hours and will include:

  • Discussing your intake form (your symptoms, current issues, and short/long term goals) and any questions or concerns you may have with your therapist
  • Taking postural photos (we will take new photos as you continue your therapy to document your postural changes)
  • Analyzing your posture and discussing the different compensations/dysfunctions that are causing your symptoms
  • Functional testing and gait analysis
  • Physically going through each exercise on your personalized menu which is designed to remind your body of it’s proper alignment, balance and range of motion
  • We will leave you with both a printable and electronic version of your menu – complete with pictures, instructions and videos so you can feel confident doing the exercises on your own at home

After Your Appointment:

  • Continue to doing your menu daily on your own at home, in order, all the way through, ideally in the morning (or as early as possible)
  • Remember, it is ok to feel sore as your muscles “wake-up”, but make sure to differentiate soreness from pain/symptoms which you would want to alert your therapist about
  • If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact your therapist, that is what we are here for
  • Don’t forget to get your next appointment on the schedule if you haven’t booked already so you can keep progressing at optimum speed
  • Pay attention to how you feel throughout the day and before, during, and after your menu – feedback is going to be expected and is essential in the therapy process
  • Enjoy! The journey to becoming pain free should be a fun one where you learn a lot about your body, what it likes, where it’s currently limited and watch it as it improves

The Free 20-Minute Evaluation

  • Learn how treating your entire body, not just your symptom, is the key to getting out of pain and back to the activities you love
  • Postural photos will be taken and evaluated so make sure you check out the other grey box near the top of the page titled “Please Wear:”

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