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Posture Therapist

I grew up playing sports and watching people’s lives transform as my dad worked with them in the water and on land as a Posture Therapist.
I began college and my lifestyle changed: I sat a lot more and moved a lot less.
Before I knew it, I had low back, foot and right shoulder pain. I was pretty scared and confused as I led what I thought was a “healthy” lifestyle.
My dad informed me my pain had to do with my alignment (i.e., my posture). Being his daughter, I naturally ignored him until it got to the point where the pain began to affect my happiness and wellbeing. Finally, I started doing the customized exercises that he prescribed for me.
And the pain lessened…
And then the pain went away completely…
I thought, well it worked for me, but will it work for other people? So I began to job shadow my dad and one other amazing Posture Therapist just to make sure.
Over and over again I saw the therapy process work it’s magic. I was sold.
I finished my degree at Gonzaga University where I studied Spanish and French. Then I immediately enrolled in Egoscue University® to study Posture Therapy. There, I completed my Posture Analysis Specialist (PAS) I and II certifications .
After, I worked as a Posture Therapist at Egoscue Headquarters in San Diego, CA where learned from Pete Egoscue and the other incredible therapist there. My husband and I lived in beautiful Northern California and Boston for the next several years after that where I continued to work with clients.
Now I’m living in Seattle, still loving my work as a Posture Therapist and enjoying being back in Washington. When I’m not seeing clients in-person or online you will most likely find me hiking, rock climbing or snowboarding. I also love to bake, study languages and travel: exploring the world and it’s different cultures.
Pain free is definitely the way I prefer to live my life and so I’m excited to have this opportunity to work with you and help start you on your journey to becoming pain free as well.

Video Headshot: Meet Me in 2 Minutes

Video Headshot: Meet Me in 60 Seconds


Posture Therapist

For the last 37 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with all ages of people from 6 to 98 in the fitness field; sometimes 3 different generations at a time.

For the past 35 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with and observe changes in people of all different abilities and disabilities in my Water Therapy classes. This has been both with large groups and one-on-one therapy. During that time, I was asked to design a large therapy pool that was built in my local YMCA.

I was introduced to Posture Therapy by a friend of mine. He was a football quarterback in college where he received a couple of injuries, and he had been in pain since. On a scale of zero to ten (zero being no pain, ten being the worst pain of his life), his pain never dropped below a nine. I had tried to get him to join me in the pool for about 20 years with no success, but one day I saw him the weight room and he seemed different. I asked what he had been up to. It turns out he had read Pain Free, by Pete Egoscue, and then went and had two Posture Therapy sessions. His pain had dropped down to a two or three!

I read the book; it made complete sense to me. In fact, I thought, “Why isn’t this common knowledge?” So, I went down to Egoscue University® in 2006 and completed the Posture Analysis Specialists I and II certifications so I could begin offering Posture Therapy to my clients as well. I’ll share more about how I started out as a client myself with sciatica if you’d like to know more, but it’s been 15 years since I began doing Posture Therapy, I have had no repeat symptoms, and my body actually feels better than it has in 30 years.

During the last 9 years my focus has been on helping people get out of pain and improve their balance and range of motion through Posture Therapy.

I am currently completing my AET (Advanced Exercise Therapist) certification with Egoscue University®.

My goal is for my clients to enjoy living in their homes and going about all their favorite activities pain free for the rest of their lives.

Tom is native to central Washington and does some traveling around. If you are interested in either In-Person Water or Posture Therapy do not hesitate to contact him at He will be happy to let you know if and when he will be in your area and what you can do in the meantime.



  • JW
    "I was starting to be in pain playing golf, lifting boxes around the house, climbing stairs, etc.  This was not chronic pain but pain from activities that I attributed to "normal" aging as I reached 65.  When I started working with Courtney, I was impressed by her professionalism and her enthusiasm for the work she does.  Using the Egoscue posture therapy exercises, I have reduced the pain during activities as well as improved my recovery time afterwards.  I also feel that I walk with more stability and have better balance.  It seems very logical to me to spend some effort making my body work correctly sooner rather than later...before the pain is chronic, before problems become more difficult to correct, before more damage is done, before I hurt myself in a fall.  The posture therapy makes sense and it works!"
  • AS
    "I have had minor lower back pain since I was a teenager. It would start to ache after I had been standing for awhile or if I went on a walk longer than 20 minutes. I could still function but it wasn't comfortable and I'd have to sit down which would interrupt whatever activity I was enjoying. After working with Courtney for just a week, I noticed a significant difference. I went to a parade and stood for over an hour and a half and had no back pain. This had never happened before. I continued the e-cises and I feel great when I do them consistently. Courtney is so easy to work with, she's friendly, knowledgeable and strives to create a personalized menu that is both enjoyable and effective. I would highly recommend Courtney and the Egoscue method!"
  • AL
    "Courtney has been a tremendous help after my second pregnancy. During pregnancy and after my son was born my hip was pushed out of position and caused so much pain at times I couldn’t put pressure on my hip to walk. My legs also took a beating with poor circulation and varicose veins causing pain and fatigue. After one session my body responded and started to feel better. After a week I was walking without a limp and my legs felt much better. With each week my hip and whole body continue to feel better and working the way it’s suppose to.  Courtney has done a fabulous job working with me to fix not only my hip but the whole body, adjusting the menus to fit my busy schedule, and she does a great job explaining and showing me how to do the exercises over Skype. I don’t live close enough to meet with her in person and I’m always impressed with the amount of support and help I get over our Skype sessions."
  • MB
    This video is Michael B's Testimonial of working with Tom in the Water. Michael participated in a group class, but Tom also offers a more personalized, fast-track, one-on-one therapy in water and on land. Click here to watch the video.
  • LL
    This video is about Lou & Lois' experience of working with Tom doing exercises in the water. They did a group class, but Tom also works one-on-one with clients in the water and on land for a more personalized, fast-track, approach. Click here for the video.
  • KT

    "Courtney Sgambelluri is worth her weight in gold. She has helped me with my back pain from scoliosis, pre natal aches and pains and post natal getting my body back shoulder, neck back etc.

    I now enjoy hiking, weekend sports, adventures,  crawling on the floor and more energy to chase my 9 month old baby.

    Courtney really knows her stuff. She has worked for the headquarters of Egoscue. Aside from that she really takes time to do a thorough intake and assessment. She listens to what is happening in your body and helps you to understand the root cause verses treating the symptom. Courtney is patient, kind, caring and supportive in your journey towards health and healing. She wants you to get better.

    I am a yoga instructor for over 10 + years and I have found nothing more effective then Postural Alignment Therapy. Thank you Courtney for your caring, knowledge, support and personal touch. It is rare to find someone so knowledgeable and invested in their clients wellbeing and success. 

    I would highly recommend Courtney Sgambelluri if you want to be pain free and get back to the activities that bring you joy."
  • JK
    “I have a bunion on my right foot. After learning about bunion surgery/recovery time and that it is often not a permanent solution, I sought other remedies. That is when I began working with Courtney. She is a wonderful therapist. Courtney has developed “menus” which have assisted in the reduction of my bunion and callused area below the bunion.  She has also created “strength menus” which have increased both my flexibility and endurance. Courtney is extremely talented, caring, and patient.  She will assist you in any way possible.  You never feel unworthy or intimidated by her but rather inspired and motivated. The results from working with her are incredible.”
  • RC
    “I had known as far back as I can remember that my left knee wasn’t straight and came in in towards my other knee. I just assumed that this was something that I had to live with for the rest of my life as the bone was formed that way. Well, to my surprise Courtney told me that I had knock knees and that this was totally correctable with some simple exercises. After only a few weeks of doing these exercises my whole family could see a difference in the way I walked and due to this they are all Courtney’s clients now. I can definitely feel a big difference in the way I walk as well and my knee isn’t as bent as before. Doing these exercises has also helped with my body alignment as well. I’m still doing these exercises and will continue to do so”.
  • CG
    “Doing e-cises has been a blessing in my life.  I lead an active lifestyle which was greatly hindered due to foot pain.  I also spend most of my days studying or at a desk.  While my foot was the location of my pain, working with Courtney, we realized my foot was not causing my pain, my posture was.  My entire body was leaning forward so much, that my feet were clinging to the ground, which aggravated my right foot immensely.  Courtney then tailored a menu for me to do everyday. The results were amazing.  After each menu, my body has more energy and I would have the best workouts I have ever had. I stopped having muscle cramps in my thighs, and I learned more and more about my body with each menu.  I highly recommend e-cises to work towards being pain free, it will change your life and mood for the better.”
  • MS
    “I’ve know Courtney for 12 years and have done the exercises when I’ve had serious pain, but found it tough to be consistent when I’m not in pain. Recently she suggested I start with a small routine that would easily fit into my daily life. After a week of a 15-minute menu I noticed that after my normal lifting routine I felt considerably less sore and my back especially felt less sore after the workout. This was an incredible result and showed me that doing the exercises BEFORE I’m in pain will make it less likely that I’ll have pain, I’m excited to continue living pain-free and injury-free doing the activities I love and being PROACTIVELY healthy.”
  • KG
    “Around my 40th birthday, I found myself telling a friend I couldn’t believe how “old” my body was feeling. By the end of every day, my neck and shoulders were incredibly tight and ached so much that I’d spend my evenings on the couch with a heating pad and Advil. Massage felt good but never actually changed anything. Every few weeks I’d wake up with a horrible tension headache creeping up the back of my neck into my head, that put me out of commission for the day.  Then I met Courtney, and everything has changed. Incredibly, I haven’t had a single headache since the first session, and haven’t even turned on the heating pad. It truly has changed my life – I feel better than I have in years, and can now spend my time playing with my son instead of nursing aches and pains.
    All of this doesn’t even mention how great Courtney herself is. She is infinitely encouraging and helpful, and is able to use her expertise to fine-tune an entire arsenal of exercises to fit my individual needs. Sessions with her are as enjoyable as they are effective.”
  • BP
    “I am one very happy hiker today. I did both my pre and post walk menu and hiked  about 6 miles over quite uneven, tricky terrain mixed with straight &  level paths, both up hill and down hill. What a difference!  No neck discomfort, no ankle or foot pain and amazingly, I feel balanced.  I can tell that my posture is much improved. This is nothing short of amazing!!!  I’m even thinking of taking a hiking vacation in my oh-so- beautiful future! Thank you Courtney.  Thank you so much!!”
  • BP
    “When I came to Courtney, I was facing impending ankle surgery and trying to stave off cervical spine surgery. As an active 66 year old, it was frightening to think of losing mobility and independence, not to mention being unable to freely play with my adorable grandson. The first session made me realize I was onto something good, and now a month into working with Courtney, I am able to walk 5 miles at a time, pain-free. I sleep through the night without neck pain, and my grandson can barely keep up with me! Whatever comes my way, I now know that I can turn to Courtney for guidance on maintaining strength and flexibility.  Goodbye surgery, hello Egoscue!”