Egoscue equipmentThere are the two websites that carry the Posture Therapy equipment:
Therapy Zone
Crooked Human

We have personally purchased/used and have clients who purchased/used equipment from both websites with positive feedback.

Do I have to purchase a bunch of expensive equipment?

No.  Clients all over the world have been substituting household items for the equipment we recommend.  That being said, clients find that the posture therapy equipment makes doing their exercises much easier and more convenient.  We find that clients using the equipment tend to be more successful.

Why you may ask? Think of it as designing for laziness. Yes, laziness.

Designing for laziness is important. The time frame for creating new habits or breaking old ones is really short. If it’s something that takes time or effort to start – it’s typically harder to get yourself to build a habit, while if it’s something you can do instantly and effortlessly – it’s typically a lot easier build a habit.

One example you may have heard of is having your gym clothes loaded and ready the night before which helps people be more successful in heading to the gym in the morning.

Basically, by having the equipment ready and easy to access you will save a lot of mental battles between you and your brain as it tries to make excuses of why you need to do your menu later.

We recommend getting a package so you’ll have all the equipment handy, but you can also purchase the equipment separately depending on your needs.  We like this package from Therapy Zone, and this package from Crooked Human. The only things that some packages do not include are the slant board and double pedal (ask your therapist if you will need either of these). You may also be able to get by without a large block and so this package is another option.

If you were to purchase just one piece of the equipment then we’d recommend getting the tower.

Out of all the exercises we do there are a few silver bullet exercises, and among these the tower is the silver bullet of the silver bullets. Almost every client will eventually do some version of the tower. It is that important.

towerWhat is the tower? And how does one do it?

You’re therapist will eventually give you some version of the tower with pictures, videos and instructions, but if you are curious and just want to learn more below are two links that will take you to videos (one short, one longer) of Egoscue’s® Vice President of Therapy explaining the benefits of and how to do one version of the tower. Please contact your therapist if you have any questions.

Longer (older) video on the tower here.

Shorter (newer) video on the tower here.

One more on how the tower helps with degenerative hips.

mirrored glassesWhat are these mirrored glasses (Bed Spectacles) I keep hearing about?

The mirrored glasses are called bed spectacles. They make doing the longer more passive exercises a breeze as they have mirrored prisms in them that allow you to watch tv/movie/read articles on your laptop, for example, if you’re laying on your back all without moving your head.

The glasses are definitely worth the $7-27 dollar investment, see the links below if you want to check them out on Amazon.

  • Reizen is the brand we have ourselves and many of our clients have. It has served us well.
  • This is another brand that I recently purchased a few pairs of that is cheaper. So far I like it, it feels a bit heavier than the Reizen. It still has good reviews.
  • This black pair fits over bigger bulkier glasses, but if you don’t have big glasses I don’t recommend them because you can’t see as well. I feel like the field of view is smaller with this pair and does not have as good of reviews as the other two pairs. My glasses are medium sized and work fine with the smaller Reizen pair.

Whichever pair you get (on the list or not), let us know what you think via email or in the comments below so we can pass on the word!